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Congratulations to Michael Pool (Story #5) winning the VFX Valentine’s Fix!

He won a Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring from S. E. Needham Jewelers, Flowers from Plant Peddler, Treats from Cox Honeyland and Dinner for 2!

Thanks to the other 4 nominations for sharing your story with VFX!

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Nominated Stories

Nomination #5 (WINNER)


Just just to clarify, I am not married but I consider my significant other my wife. We have been together for 5 years. Yay us! Our third Valentines together would have to take the gold medal for the biggest fail! Our first and second valentines were planned perfectly! From the romantic dinner to the gift and even the hot tub filled with rose pedals. I have no idea what went wrong our third year. All odds were against me that year. To start off, I 100% forgot about valentines day because I was 100% distracted with planing her a perfect birthday. The only reason I remembered was because of my best friend that had called me for my help for is valentines surprise, and that was the day before valentines. Now knowing that I had less than 24 hours to plan a perfect day, I started calling every flower store, every restaurant and every Jewelry store. Once I had most things planned out, I went to bed early so that I could wake up early and pick everything up I had ordered and confirm my reservations. My day started at about 6 am. The first thing I went to do was go and pay for the bed and breakfast reservation. Once that was done i then went to go buy dozens and dozens of rose pedals to spread everywhere in the room. After finishing with decorating the room, I set off to go buy a small flower assortment and a small box of chocolates. I then went to go wake up my wife so that I could take her out to breakfast to start her day. We went to a local restaurant which had us waiting for more than an hour because everywhere had massive wait times too. Once we were seated, about 5 minutes in we had gotten our drinks. I tried to lean over the table to give my wife a kiss and tell her that she looked beautiful. Ohhhhhhh no, that definitely didn’t happen. It turns out when I tried to lean over I had knocked over my drink, spilling It all over her and my instinct reaction was to quickly pick up my cup but instead I ended up knocking over her drink too. That breakfast was over as soon as it started. I spend the whole car ride home apologizing about how I spilled my red cranberry juice and her coke all over her “WHITE” pants. She made me drop her off at her house for a few hours so that she could shower and change. In a desperate search to make it up to her, I threw together her favorite chick flick with tons and tons of candy and food. We ended up cuddling and accidentally falling asleep for a few hours. I will admit that it went well and i had managed to help her move past the breakfast ordeal. One thing I didn’t notice was that the Jewelry store I had decided to buy something from was closing within the hour. I made up a fake emergency so I could rush to the Jewelry store. My wife and I would have been together for a little over three years at this point. I knew that she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. My wife’s birthday is on February 19 so instead of proposing to her on her birthday, I decided I would move it up a few days since I had totally forgot about valentines and already ruined her morning. I decided to pick up the engagement ring instead of the necklace and ear rings I had set aside. As I ran to my car, i set my phone and wallet on the dash board. I raced to the jewelry store going mach 10 around every corner. I got off of the freeway a few blocks down from the jewelry store and the exit does a sharp 360 degree turn. To shorten the story my phone and wallet flew out of the window! Now with no money or a phone, I spent an hour looking for my things. All I found was my phone in pieces. Now at this point I am freaking out about how my proposal was officially in the trash. Luckily I had cash saved at home, so I raced home to grab it and figured I could just buy something inexpensive just so that I could follow through with the proposal. The jewelry store where i had my ring on lay away was closed and every other store I went to had nothing I liked. With time running out, I figured I would try walmart. My luck was looking good, I found something for $35 hoping she wouldn’t notice it wasn’t worth anything. After a few hours I met up with my wife again to meet for our dinner reservations. On the way to dinner, it turns out that if you don’t take care of your car, it won’t take care of you. The engine literally blew up. Once it was all said and done we were an hour late for our reservation. The restaurant managed to fit us in after another hour wait. By this time my wife definitely wasn’t happen. Dinner went well and we had fun. We both managed to forget the car issue and long wait times. We caught a taxi to our bed and breakfast reservation. After a long ride thinking it was going to be a good night, it turns out that we were hit with more waiting because there was an issue with the room key. Somehow they thought I was checking out when was checking in earlier that day. So everything was a big mess. After figuring everything out and getting the same room, once I opened the room door, I noticed that the whole room had been cleaned up and everything I did in the morning was gone. All the rose pedals, the candles (fake candles) love notes, gifts and food was gone! Just an empty room! Turns out that when they though I was checking out, the maids went by to clean the room out. Luckily it was still a beautiful room, but I lost a lot of time and money with everything they threw out. I planned to take a moon lit walk through a nearby trail that has a nice waterfall and pond/Pool area under the waterfall. I had remembered that a couple/few years earlier we had hiked up the same trail at midnight and carved our initials on a tree (MP + MC 4EVR). So I thought if I could recreate that same first date, it would be the most perfect place to propose. Long story short, once we got to the top where I was going to propose, I reminded my wife of our first date up there and how we carved our names onto a tree. She clearly pointed out that she had never been there before and that our first date was go cart racing. Ouch! My wife and my ex girlfriend coincidentally had the same initials! I confused my wife for an ex girlfriend, with a date that never happened with her. That night ended horribly! I slept alone that night, AT HOME and I never had the opportunity to propose. Not on valentines or on her birthday a few days later, being that she was still very upset with me and hardly speaking to me. My wife gave me the silent treatment for almost a month, but hey, I don’t blame her. Luckily I didn’t lose the love of my life that night. And now two more years later we are still happily together! Valentines the year after went as perfect as I could make it, hence the horrible v-day the year before. But this year I would like to try my proposal ideal again. My wife has waited long enough.

Nomination #1


February 14th, the day of love (not in my case). Every year Valentines day looms in the back of my mind. Every year I tell myself I am going to make this Valentines the best one she has had yet,  and yet every single year I seem to fail miserably.  Last year seems to take the cake for worst fail yet. Me and my girlfriend had been dating a little while over two years, Marriage was seeming to come into our daily conversations more and more frequently, not that I did not want to get engaged to this women of my dreams, But I felt like I was not financially stable enough to be able to pop the question and get ready to settle down together. After several hours of talking I explained this to her, that yes I did want to get engaged, but I wouldn’t be able to do so until I started working somewhere with a more reliable income , she agreed even though I could see in her eyes she was sad about my answer. Although I felt like I couldn’t ask her to marry me quite yet I decided the next best thing would be to buy her a promise ring and present her with it at a fancy dinner for two on valentines day. At least she would understand how serious I was about getting engaged and with a ring on her finger it would also show our friends and family that was our future plan.  I looked a couple places for the right promise ring and was not finding anything that I felt like fit her style, So as I was advised against I starting looking online, On her Pinterest to be perfectly honest. After 5 minutes of looking I found the perfect ring, nice enough so she knew I was serious, and unique as it gets. So right then I followed the redirect link to the jewelers website and bought it that instant. About three weeks had past, Valentines day was in 5 days and I started to get worried, I checked my confirmation email to track the shipment of my ring. With my stupidity I never even thought for a second the ring would not arrive on time,  The ring was being shipped from Italy and said it would arrive the 13th of February. Talk about cutting it close right? With this scare i made sure everything else was in place, I called the restaurant and our reservation was still great, I rechecked with my girlfriend to make sure her schedule was clear, She asked me why I kept bothering her about it and asked me to tell her the plans for valentines. I told her I could not tell her, but that she is in for a romantic night and a good surprise! February 13th came along and I went out to my mailbox, the ring was not inside. I really started to get scared! so i checked my email one more time, Their was a number to call in case of any questions, so i quickly called it and explained the situation, the lady advised me not to worry, that the mail man had probably brought it by when I was not home, and since I did not answer the door he simply took it back to the post office since it was an item of value. Of course by this time the post office was closed, so I would have to run there the Day of Valentines to pick it up. Valentines day rolled along, and I was having a very slow morning, I took my time getting ready and told my girlfriend to be ready for me to pick her up in 30 minutes, I swung by the post office and of course with my luck the line to see a teller was almost out the door, after waiting in line for an eternity I was finally to the front, I explained my situation and the man behind the desk said “ok, I’ll be right back I need to grab it in the back”. I waited at the front of the desk for at least 5 minutes, He came back and said “Sorry, I didn’t find anything under your name”. That is the moment the Sweat starting forming on my head. I needed to pick up my Girlfriend 10 minutes ago, and now I had no ring, or gift to present her with. I hurried and drove to the closest convenient store to desperately try and find something. To summarize the night, I picked her up 20 minutes late, we were late for our reservation and had to wait an extra 45 minutes, and instead of a nice promise ring as a surprise, she left that night with a miniature cat calendar because that was literally the only thing I could find at the convenient store.  I think its safe to say I Failed last valentines day.  Although This was such a bad experience for me, I have yet again been procrastinating and have yet to plan anything great for Valentines day.  I am now in a situation that I am trying to plan to ask the love of my life if she will marry me, and Valentines day could be the perfect day for it. If I won I would be able to ask her for her hand in marriage, revive Valentines day as a day where I succeed instead of fail, and ultimately not have her leave with a cat calendar two Valentine Days in a row.

Nomination #2


The first Valentine’s Day that I celebrated when my wife and I were dating, I had planned to sing her a romantic song while playing the guitar, make her a home made Italian-style dinner, and then watch a romantic movie. Well, as this contest shows, it did not go as planned! When I started playing the song, the third string broke (D String) a few strokes in. My guitar wasn’t exactly new, so I had that one coming. But I was determined to still sing this song to her so I tried playing the song without that string, but it didn’t sound so good and my nerves kept building! Then, I completely forgot the lyrics half way through the song! I told her to wait while I looked the lyrics up on my phone, I found them after a minute or two, then started the song again with lyrics in front of me. I kept playing until I arrived to the chorus, the main part of the song where all the romance and gooey hottness would pour out, but I had now forgotten the chord progression and a few key chords! So despite having the words, I now couldn’t play the damn song! I was nervous and sweaty at this point. And then the smell of burnt bread started to fill the room. In my delayed attempt to recover from my musical disaster, I had forgotten that I put the garlic bread in the oven. I apologized over and over as we ate dinner for the horrible song and burnt bread, but my wife had a good sense of humor and just laughed it off. At least the movie was a snuggling make-out fest! So it wasn’t all bad, until my parents decided to drop by to bring me some chocolates… ruined the mojo for sure at that point.

Nomination #3


My husband on our first Valentine’s day of being married decided that he wanted to be the one to plan it. He planned a nice weekend getaway at this great Bed and Breakfast in Southern Utah. In the morning we woke up in enough time to watched the sun rise over the red rocks as we had a light breakfast. We then prepped to go on a hike to the scenic area where we would be able to picnic. The hike was lovely and the (Warmer) temperature was a welcome change to the biting cold of Logan. My husband was very sweet and decided to carry everything as we trekked along the trail. We final reached our destination around 1 o clock and found a dry spot to lay out the blanket to sit on. He proceeded to lay out two extra blankets, some tea candles and couple of turkey and cheese sandwiches. We curled up next to each other and talked about us, our lives, and our futures as we ate the simple lunch. Around 2: 30 we started our carefully journeyed back to the Inn to get ready for our dinner reservations. The day so far had been ideal and he had really knocked it out of the park. While getting ready I had started to feel a little off. I pushed it aside as just being hungry and finished getting ready. The local restaurant was dimly lit with live music playing and each couple received a complimentary rose. As we settled in and started eating I every bite I took seemed to make me feel worse but I did not want my husband to feel discouraged as I knew he had tried so hard to plan this weekend and make is special. About half way through the meal I finally realized that he didn’t seem right either. I asked him if he felt okay and his answer confirmed my fear. We grabbed some take out boxes and quickly left for the Inn. Both of us dropped the facade and looked awful as we entered our room. Within minutes we both were regretting every bite we had shoveled down to make sure the evening went as planned for the other. He was well aware that I was a sympathetic vomit and any time he felt the need to throw up he would rush to the community bathroom and then he would pop a mint so he did not smell like regurgitated Italian food. This, of course, would only upset his stomach more meaning hes threw up twice as much as I did through the night. As we talked we concluded that the sandwiches from lunch were no longer good and had turned the night UP-SIDE-DOWN. Though the whole process we was very sweet and tried to take care of me. But because of this he really hasn’t taken many more chances on planning. Please help me to rebuild his confidence again.

Nomination #4


Two years ago, my husband suggested camping in a yurt for Valentine’s day. We both love the outdoors, so I was all for it. We ended up getting a late start but eventually began the snowy 7 mile hike. Before we knew it, it was pitch black outside. We ended up getting lost in the middle of the woods… at night. To make matters worse, we kept sinking up to our knees in snow every time we took a step. I was so cranky, but we eventually made it to the yurt. My husband started a fire in the wood burning stove to warm up our frozen bodies. About 30 minutes later, I tripped on a piece of brick surrounding the wood burning stove. I stuck out my hand to protect my fall and ended up burning my entire hand pretty badly. I was screaming in pain, and my husband was frantically searching for burn gel in his emergency kit. He found the gel and bandaged me up, but my hand was throbbing. It was the middle of the night, so I just wanted to go to bed. Oh, and I forgot to mention the fact that yurt only had bunk beds. Romantic, huh? So we spent the night in the bunk beds (which were about as comfortable as a block of concrete) and got a few hours of sleep. We made the 7 mile trek back in the morning, and I was left with a burned, blistered hand to remember the beloved holiday by.

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