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The VFX Valentine’s Day Fix

Congratulations to Viviana – Story 5 won!

  • $1000 shopping spree from S.E. Needham Jewelers
  • Flowers from Plant Peddler Floral
  • Dinner for 2

Nomination Stories:


Valentines weekend 2017 I was driving to star valley Wyoming to go spend the weekend with my fiancé now husband. Mind you I was driving a

1990 Toyota Corolla that was only meant to stay in cache valley! It was my moms!! I started driving and made it to soda springs Idaho which is about the half way mark between start valley and Logan. I was driving at about 45 miles an hour. It’s about a 70 mile an hour drive.

I get to soda and start thinking wow I’m might make it. Because everyone at work told me I shouldn’t go because I won’t make it. I get about 15 minutes out of soda springs make it to a little spot named China hat and I came to a stop in the middle of the road I called my fiancé to inform him that my brakes locked and he said he was on his way! Some gentlemen saw me in the middle of the road and pulled over to help me them being very flirtatious! Until they found out I was engaged and they all the sudden made every excuse to not help me! They ended up pulling me off the road next to a closed building. My engine turned off and the sun went down! I was freezing scared and in the middle of no where! My fiancé finally called because he couldn’t find me as we were talking he passed my car and kept driving for 15 minutes. Finally he found me towed my car all the way to star valley because he had a double date with his best friend and girlfriend! Then they bailed!!!! We spent valentines together but his dad had to drive my and my car all the way back to Logan! And yes my mother found out that I drove her car 2 1/2 hours away from the valley!

So on Valentines Day back in 2008 I was having my boyfriend come visit me we lived an hour away from each other. I had spent the last two days planning this little getaway for him. I had bought a prime rib for dinner along with appetizer, salad, wine, dessert. 3 dozen roses for him, a card with a hand written note inside telling him how much I loved him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I had also bought rose petals to sprinkle up the stairs leading to the bedroom and onto the bed. We had been texting all day how excited he was to come see me and all that stuff, so I started slow roasting the prime rib. He finally let me know he was on his way so I started getting everything ready for dinner so it would be ready when he got there. Well he called told me he was about half way there and that he couldn’t wait to see me and how happy was that we were together. So thirty mins pass and he hasn’t arrived yet. Not hard to find my house I live right on the highway my car is parked right out front. So I start to worry text him nothing. Ok maybe his phone died. 15 more mins pass and still not there. So I try calling him straight to voicemail. Now I am getting really worried because it was still winter conditions in Idaho. Well 20 more mins pass and still nothing. So I try calling him again this time it rings he answers and I ask where are you? He tells me that he never left Pocatello and had been lying to me all day and that he was breaking up with me and that I was to never contact him again or come to any of the functions he was in charge of, or speak to any of the people that I had met while dating him. Needless to say I ate the prime rib, shredded the card, flowers in the garbage, and drank the 2 bottles of wine I bought and passed out on a bed full of rose petals. Worst Valentine’s Day ever!

Worst date I’ve ever been on. To start off we met on tinder and planned the date a week in advance. During that week, my grandpa’s health took a nose dive and I was told it would be a matter of days before we lost him. I didn’t feel like going on a date but he guilt me by telling me I had made a promise and commitment to go. I was dumb and too naive to realize I CAN say no. I arrived where we were meeting for dinner and didn’t even recognize the guy, because he looked so different from his profile. I told myself not to judge and it’s too late to leave now. The whole dinner he talked about himself while I sat in silence trying to listen while I worried that I would receive a phone call my grandpa’s had passed. He knew my grandpa’s situation and kept telling me to cheer up. After dinner I said I wanted to go home but he said that was too short of a date I owed him more time. So we went up the canyon for a drive while he asked me if I make out on a first date, I said no. Then he asked will you at least kiss on a first date and I said no. Again he talked about himself while I sat in silence. Then he asked me what my problem was. I told him my grandpa was dying, you know this, besides the fact that I’m not going to “put out’. So he finally took me home, on the drive back he grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go even when I tried to pull away. In the parking lot he got out for a “hug” and tried to kiss me. I finally snapped and pushed him away and told him I had said no to a kiss. I went home and got the call the next morning my grandpa had passed away the night before. Then this guy had the nerve to text me months later and call me an ungrateful b**** for not thanking him for dinner. 😂 Needless to say I took a break from dating for a while after that.


Back in 2007 My Valentines day couldn’t have been worse. I had been planning a dinner for my babies dad and I. I was about 6 months pregnant at the time. I was going to make a nice dinner and I had planned on buying balloons and borrowing my grandmas chocolate fountain for strawberries and other fruit. I was going to go all out to show him how much I appreciated his hard work. I had gone over to my friends apartment earlier that day. They lived in the same complex. My boyfriend and her husband worked at the same place. So they would ride together to work. I watched their daughter for them so they didn’t have to put her in daycare. So her and her husband could go to work. And I was talking to my friend when she got back from work about my plans. I was excited. And her face looked pretty sad. I couldn’t understand what was going on. So I asked “Is everything okay?” She just looked at me and said “Ana I gotta tell you something.” She went into telling me a story about how they were drinking with my babies dad a few weeks prior. At this time I was at a family get together with my sister and dad. Apparently my boyfriend decided after getting really drunk to go hang out with my friends Father’s girlfriend who also lived in those apartments. She was in her late 50’s and we were nineteen at the time. He slept with this lady. And I was pregnant with our child. I was in shock. My friend had asked me to try and not freak out. But I couldn’t wait until my significant other came back. As soon as her husband’s car pulled up and they both got out. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I tried but my blood was boiling. He had made a comment about dinner and I snapped. He was in shock that I had found out. I took off and didn’t even give him a chance to explain anything. I told him Happy ******* Valentines Day. Hope he enjoys it with the Crypt Keeper looking neighbor. And called mom crying. I went and spent the night with my mom and sister. And I spent the night eating candy and watching scary movies. I couldn’t stand love for a very long time. And I couldn’t believe him. And I’m so glad I found out before I made all those efforts with balloons etc. Happy Valentines Day. The term “People are more pretty when you are drunk.” That must have been some pretty strong alcohol. 😀


This past summer of 2018, my husband planned for this amazing campout up Blacksmith Fork Canyon. After settling the kids and packing our gear all up in the car I hear this unfamiliar sound…. it sounds like rushing water, which can only mean the old throne has officially been plugged up!! Rushing to the bathroom I encounter the flood trickling towards the hall way. My first response were words that no mother should say in front of her children, but alas they slipped right out knowing this issue would have to be dealt with before ‘mom and dad’

alone time would take into effect. Grrrrrrrr…. What we had hoped would turn into a quick clean & fix actually became a fiasco, this including tearing into the toilet to fish out whatever element had been tossed in the whirlpool to the unknown. My husband arms deep in turd and beyond frustration finally finds the culprit to the cause of the GREAT FLOOD OF 2018….  Seems our toddler was not having the whole ‘date night’ thing so him and his McDonald’s Minion came up with a horrid plan…. Still to this day have no idea how this Minion made it as far down the line as it had.


Moving on, because this story doesn’t end here….


Finally away from the kids, setting up camp, I ask my husband what the plan is. He winks at me with a devious smirk, which somewhat made me worry the past week had really taken a toll on his mental state and well, his wife had to go. Given I hadn’t been the nicest, due to the simple fact I needed a get-away (like BAD), I mean I said ‘sorry’…

That makes everything better, right?…

Anyways I figured since there was no 6 foot hole with a mound of dirt close by, his smirk must have meant something more R-rated, you know behind bedroom doors kind of stuff (wink wink).

As the fire crackled and sparked we shared a tasty batch of s’mores, making jokes about our earlier crisis at the old homestead.


Suddenly, we hear something rustling around not far off from us, of course or conversation went on hush mode as we made efforts to have our eyes adjust to the darkened forest in front of us. In that moment we noticed a light beaming in our direction. As it grew closer in on our little camp sight I grew more eerie. Sure obviously at this point we knew it wasn’t some wild crazed animal, though personally I had homicidal maniac in mind so I reached for my husband’s machete.

Gripping that weapon like our lives depended upon it, out of the shadows stood a Cache County Sheriff with his hand on his gun holster.

Really could this night get any more weird?!


As the sheriff began giving us the 20 questionnaire, I’m attempting to act all nonchalant as I nervously put the machete to the side of my camp chair, while my husband is calmly telling about date night. Then the strangest questions out of the blue is asked to us, “How much marijuana do you guys have?”

Well first off let me pose the question….. Does that line actually work for law enforcement? I mean really, do those who use cannabis, who are in a situation like this, actually start forking the goods from their pockets for show and tell with the one who would slap hand cuffs on then and send them to a one sheeted bunk with potential shanking friends….? Maybe a different approach to this kind of curiosity would be best.

Completely thrown off by this question we both looked at him and said “We don’t have any at all? It’s not something we do.” The sheriff then asked us if we were sure… of course we were sure. The only thing we were guilty of was consuming far too many marshmallow and chocolate bars, oh and that earlier incident of cursing in front of the kiddos (My BAD!). I guess you could say we were on a sugar ‘no kids for the night’ kind of high.


After this bewildering question was answered, the sheriff asked for our IDs and onced cleared as good citizens of Utah he told us to have a good night and left us to our camp out.

Trying to salvage what night we had left, we decided maybe it would be for the best to pack up and go home before we were eatten by a mountain lion or something out of a horror flick took place. It just seemed to us that luck was not on our side that night. Since then, we have decided that ‘mom & dad’ camping trips may need to put on hold, preferably until we have a full batch of good karma on our side.

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