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The VFX Valentine’s Day Fix

Tell us about your failed attempt at Valentines Day or any date that went horribly wrong and win!

  • Diamond Stud Earrings from S.E. Needham Jewelers
  • Flowers from Plant Peddler Floral
  • Gift Basket from Cox Honeyland
  • Dinner for 2 at Borderline Grill

Nomination Stories:

He and I worked together(opps big no no) and had been dating getting close to a year. At our work if it was slow you could apply to go home early. I got to go home early which I was hoping for. I had been planning to make a nice meal for him and what not but we lived together and I didn’t wanna ruin the surprise. Well he was so upset I was leaving home early that since we carpooled he made me walk him from work. We worked on 1800 N 600 E and lived on 255 W 300 S. It was a long cold walk. I still made dinner, lobster, scalloped potatoes and chocolate cake. He got home with half dead roses and told me he didn’t like home cooked meals. He ate the lobster and then played video games all night.

So I got divorced after 20 years of marriage. I hadn’t dated in 20 years and I found dating as an adults sooooooooo strange.
My first date as a single person I took this lady out.
10 min into dinner she tells me how she is looking for a husband because she had been kicked out of her polygamist sect and had to divorce her husband because she was caught having an affair with one of his other wives……. she then breaks down in the restaurant begging for my forgiveness and absolution….. everyone is now starting at us…. I get her calmed down and we finish a really weird date. By the time I’m dropping her off at her car she is planning our wedding… I was so scared of her I left and txted I wasn’t interested and was so scared I was going to be killed…. scary
Took a wile before I dated again

I had this guy who kept asking me out and I kept giving him an excuse as to why I wasn’t available. He wasn’t deterred however so I figured I had better say yes so that he would stop. Not sure why I happened to say yes on Valentine’s day however. I was living in South Ogden and he asked me to drive to his house to meet him, which is in North Ogden, 30 minutes away. I drove all the way out there and then he came out and got into my car! He had me drive us to a local high school basketball game. When we got up to the door to get in he told the lady selling tickets that his mom was getting us in for free since she worked at the school. The lady said “you can get in for free but she can’t.” My date then just turned and looked at me until I said “Um alright I can pay for myself to get in.” When we got inside and sat down, his entire family, extended included, was at the game. I got to meet the whole gang on our first date. While watching the game this kid could not just have a normal conversation. He asked to play a game. He was going to say I word and then I would have to say the first word that came to my mind. After that game he would start giving me life scenarios and asking me what I would do in that situation. I felt like I was on a game show. After the game we drove back to his parents house where he was living. We walked into the family room and his guitar was so conveniently laying on the couch. He then of course asked me if I wanted to hear him play. He then played and sang three original songs that he had made up, he was not good. It was all I could do not to laugh at him. I had had enough so I told him I needed to start the journey home and he tried to kiss me on the way out! HAHA it was awful.

It was a casual weekday night when I went out with a guy I briefly knew named Jake. We had met at work almost two years ago, and this was the first time seeing him since . We went to dinner in Provo, and had just sat down after ordering our food. Right as our food came out I noticed a police officer walk into the restaurant. He went up to the cashier and briefly spoke with her -asking if they knew who Jake ( my date) was. She pointed the officer over to us, where he proceeded to ask my date to step outside with him. I assumed at worst he must have parked somewhere he wasn’t allowed. Instead, to my surprise, the officer came back in alone, while another officer was handcuffing Jake outside. ( The front of the restaurant is windows so everyone in the restaurant is watching this go down.) When I asked what was going on he said that they had a warrant out for his arrest and he was being taken down to the county jail, and that I would “need to find a ride home.” Can you believe they didn’t even offer me a ride?! You would think it cant get worse– oh but it does. Jake then comes inside and asks me in front of everyone in the restaurant if I would pay his bail! This was a first date! I barely knew him. There was no way I was going to lend out that kind of money so I awkwardly said I just wasn’t comfortable with that, and he said if I didn’t he’d have to spend the night in jail. I’m not exaggerating when I say everyone is listening to us because we are at a table in the middle of the restaurant. Again I say no and apologize feeling embarrassed that no one knows he is practically a stranger to me. The officer takes him and I’m left sitting there, just as shocked and confused as everyone else. Then to add insult to injury the cashier brings me a free brownie since they feel so bad for me and don’t know what else to do. Last, to wrap the night up, the only person who would answer their phone to pick me up was a different guy I had a crush on. I was mortified having to explain the embarrassing situation I was in. I did however box up Jakes untouched quesadilla and take it home with me so I guess the night wasn’t a total loss.

D. L.

I was dating my wife (of nearly 3 years now) long distance. I lived in Provo and she was up here in Logan for school. I had a plan to drive up and surprise her. She was at a valentines event with some roommates. I brought tealight candles and some other things to decorate her room while I waited for her to return and surprise her. Obviously I wasn’t sure when she’d be home, but I couldn’t bug her about it as to not give away that I was in town. So I waited and waited. I set the candles up in a design on her green antique couch that she loved. I had done this weeks earlier as a test run. The only difference was when I tested it out, I had made sure to put something inbetween the couch fabric and the metal-bottom of the candles. This time I had failed to do so. Oops! I lit the candles and blew them out, I must’ve done this about 10 times. It was taking her forever to come home. I didn’t want the wax to burn out, I had to relight all of them and repeatedly blow them out. The anticipation was killing me. I received a text from her saying that she was on her way home. I immediately began to light the candles and hid in her bed. I waited, and waited, and waited some more. Nothing. The candles still lit, I ran back and forth to look out the window to see if she was walking up to the door. All of a sudden, I glance over and see semi-big flames on top of the couch. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I instantly panicked and open her window. I was so afraid that the smoke detector would go off, and the entire complex would be alerted, and I would be so embarrassed and ashamed. I ran back a forth from the bathroom sink, dousing the fire with water, fanning smoke out the window. I finally got it out, and everything was fine. Except her beautiful green antique couch that she loved. She came home, surprised and excited, until I broke the news about her green couch. Needless to say, she was fairly upset, she cried a bit and it turned out a disaster. Oh and did I mention that as a joke, (given our long-running inside joke about tampons), I bought her a pack and it was wrapped up on the couch among other real gifts. That was the icing on the cake. Worst Valentines ever. Oh and, we still have that couch. Memories.

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