Spider-Man star Tom Holland loves all creatures except, ironically, spiders. He tells Elle, "You know, spiders are the one thing that creeps me out. Every on-camera interview I go on, they’re always like, ‘Will you hold this spider?’ And I will, but I don’t like it!"

The 23-year-old is promoting Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Holland sat down with Elle to talk family, relationships and Zendaya.

Holland explains that really, he’s a home body, and seeks out family-like atmospheres even at work.

"My mom or dad would cook every night, and everyone would have to tell stories," he says. "So when I’m on a chat show, it kind of feels like I’m at a family dinner, which is quite nice."

He was spotted by scouts at dance class, and probably would never have stumbled into Hollywood otherwise.

This whole thing just kind of fell into our laps, really," Holland says. "I come from the most un-child-actor household possible."

And while he’s good friends with his co-star Zendaya, he insists they’re nothing more, despite the persistent rumors.

He’s not romantically involved with anyone at the moment but is "definitely a relationship person," he says. "I’m not the fleeting type at all; it’s not my way of life."

In other Spider-Man news, there’s a new comic in the works. Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams, partnering with his 20-year-old son Henry and Miles Morales co-creator Sara Pichelli, to tell a new tale for the webslinger and Mary Jane Watson.

Spider-Man: Far From Home, co-starring Holland, Zendaya and Jake Gyllenhaal, drops July 2.