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AJ & McCall: After Show 05/07/19

Do you own an umbrella? Where do they even come from? AJ & McCall discussed weird accidents that included cop cars, bridges and outhouses for the Debate At 8 but does Producer Butterz have any crazy accidents of his own to add? What is the gift giving policy in your family? Mother's Day and Father's Day is coming up and AJ is racking his brain trying to figure out what to get. Will McCall finally shave her head? 

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AJ & McCall: After Show 05/06/19

Is there a prenup for royal weddings? AJ continues to be the weird one between himself and McCall and Producer Butterz, this time with how he got money as a kid. But AJ & McCall are united on adult grocery shopping and how it sucks, one of them even puts a map together. At some point AJ, apparently, says Indiana is the best ever and case lot sales don't exist anywhere else according to McCall. Producer Butterz is apparently going to prank Bear Lake with his new shark toy. 

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AJ & McCall: After Show 05/02/19

We're flying solo...well sort of with McCall on babysitting duty. Does anyone in Producer Butterz wear crocs? Have either he or AJ tried them on? How does your family do gifts and do you get obstinate about people who tell you exactly what you want? Does anyone carry cash anymore and how much does your bank play a factor in that? Finally, how is AJ risking getting his friend robbed? 

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AJ & McCall: After Show 05/01/19

Why would people want other people's blood anywhere near them? Family dynamics are all over the place for AJ & McCall; pain in the butt gift shopping, lying instead of asking a question and uninvited but really you can show up at the house. Do you have to be invited to stop by? When are they going to McCall or Producer Butterz's house? And on the subject on house remodels what should AJ do about his landlord and would you want a doorbell camera? 

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AJ & McCall: After Show 04/30/19

The Show After the Show starts with AJ & McCall arguing about 2007, AJ's worst year in music. How do you deal with someone who's crying hysterically while also laughing maniacally? So many people were mad about the adult dress code topic, too many making themselves mad, but what if your grandma went to school with you? Producer Butterz would be okay with it. McCall hasn't seen any of the movies but how does Producer Butterz do? 

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AJ & McCall: After Show 04/29/19

What wasn't included on the show? Was there something AJ & McCall didn't get to? That's what the Show After the Show is for. How did McCall manage to have to stretch for 10 minutes while emceeing? What's the actual biggest story out of Nashville because it wasn't the NFL Draft? This Houston high school adult dress code is nuts but what does Producer Butterz think about it? 

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