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AJ & McCall: Florida Or Not 03/05/19

McCall is the only one entered in right now but that needs to change. Story #1 - Guy forges letter from the Governor to declare his innocence but it's littered with grammar issues Story #2 - Couple caught with stolen merchandise after parking in a handicap spot in front of a sheriff's office Story #3 - Drugged up guy gets burned dancing naked in a fire and then swings at police trying to help him

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AJ & McCall: Florida Or Not 03/04/19

Another pair of ski/snowboarding passes up for grabs and room for five entrants, but McCall wants in just as badly. Story #1 - Unemployed millenial assaults her mom with her phone for not taking her to her yoga class Story #2 - Guy breaks in to a car dealership to steal an SUV and 2 TVs but tells cops he doesn't remember Story #3- Guy fakes his own kidnapping to pay off his own Super Bowl scam

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AJ & McCall: Florida Or Not 02/27/19

Will we have a second entrant or with McCall get entered in for the second time for the ski or snowboarding passes?  Story #1 - Guy goes viral for buying tons of Girl Scout cookies then gets busted by the DEA for drug trafficking Story #2 - Guy steals over $30,000 in rare coin then takes them to Coinstar for $30 Story #3 - Vandals paint racist graffiti and then go back and spray paint over it 'Sorry'

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AJ & McCall: Florida Or Not 02/26/19

We started out looking for five entries for the ski or snowboarding passes, but McCall won day one. Story #1 - Cop plays Barry White for couple that got arrested and things progressed in the backseat Story #2 - Cops pose as a pizza delivery guy to catch a guy that ripped off another pizza delivery driver Story #3 - Kid calls the cops on himself for underage drinking

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AJ & McCall: Florida Or Not 02/25/19

Another chance to win a pair of ski or snowboarding passes but McCall is our first entrant for these stumpers! Story #1 - Guy is busted with 500 pounds of pot for driving 30 mph under the speed limit Story #2 - Doorbell cameras show a driver delivering a package and them immediately stealing it Story #3 - Guy with no arms stabs him dad with scissors between his toes

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