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AJ & McCall: Florida Or Not 07/15/19

Alright Florida Bounty Hunters let's make sure to keep these criminals in the state for a reward. Story #1 - Guy faces a DUI after getting arrested and saying he's from the future...in 2015 Story #2 - Guy got arrested for leaving two kids at home to go to a strip club Story #3 - Whole neighborhood evacuated after someone calls in a toilet bomb like Lethal Weapon 2

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AJ & McCall: Florida Or Not 06/20/19

What better karma then to trash a state you hate driving through only for a person that just moved from that state to play Florida Or Not?  Story #1 - Guy gets busted for bringing 4-year-old on burglar spree Story #2 - Guy steals surveillance camera and didn't turn it off Story #3 - 29-year-old video game addict poisons his family's water supply for turning off the Wi-Fi

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AJ & McCall: Florida Or Not 06/10/19

Monday is always tougher because McCall has a whole weekend of ratchet and crazy to pick from. Story #1 - Drinking game turns violent when guy follows the rules and stabs himself for losing Story #2 - Guy goes wrong way on the highway because "it's faster" Story #3 - Guy runs from the cops and gets naked and cover himself in mud before jumping in to a chicken coop 

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AJ & McCall: Florida Or Not 05/22/19

Sad, woah and just flat out stupid for today's Florida Or Not. And Bonus Florida Or Not, don't pull the fire alarm! Story #1 - Guy steals daughter's Girl Scout money to pay for a 'massage' and fakes a burglary Story #2 - Fight over hedgehog custody leads to a daughter hitting her mom Story 3# - Guy gets arrested for a third time for driving the wrong way on the highway

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AJ & McCall: Florida Or Not 05/13/19

Of course with a weekend to gather stories McCall is gonna have a whole mess of stupid to throw at us.Story #1 - Guy jumps out a moving car because of a bug and his car ended up in the waterStory #2 - 70-year-old guy gets busted for sitting on his sunroof while going 100 mphStory #3 - Guy just got probation for being drunk and calling in a fake terrorist attack because he was afraid of sitting at a bus stop

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AJ & McCall: Florida Or Not 05/08/19

AJ is declaring victory after going oh fer two thus far this week but McCall starts us off with Bonus Florida Or Not to make it that much more challenging.Story #1 - Guy gets arrested for shooting at a man after an argument at 'Not So Boring Bar N Grill'Story #2 - A guy got hit by a car after running out in to traffic and then got arrestedStory #3 - Drunk driver got arrested for crashing his lawnmower in to a cop car

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