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AJ & McCall: Florida Or Not 11/25/19

Criminals today going WAY over the top.. Which is saying something Story #1 - Burglars Rip the Door Off a Convenience Store . . . Just to Steal a 12-Pack of Faygo Story #2 - A Woman Tries to Apologize During a Road Rage Argument . . . and the Other Guy Spits Food into Her Mouth Story #3 -  A burglar broke into a business, stole $1,500 from the safe . . . then did about $76,000 in damage by dumping soy sauce on electronics.  

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AJ & McCall: Florida Or Not 11/06/19

Knock on wood that we don't get knocked off air before catching the Florida criminal. Story #1 - Fake patrol car setup to stop speeding gets hits by someone speeding Story #2 - Someone stole an electric shopping cart to make sure they don't get a DUI...it doesn't work Story #3 - High schooler is arrested for trying to hire a hit man to kill a faculty member

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AJ & McCall: Florida Or Not 10/17/19

t's special circumstances because it's just you against AJ with McCall on vacation. Story #1 - Burglar tells cops they'll never find him...only to find him a few hours later in his attic Story #2 - Lady gets arrested for assault after posting on Facebook about biting her ex's finger off Story #3 - Man fills a squirt gun with pee and sprays his neighbor in the face

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