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AJ & McCall: Giving Presents Debate @8

Have you started your holiday shopping? The presents you already bought, when will you give them to the person? Does it have to be around or on Christmas or is there some more leeway? McCall is having a gift arrive this week and will be giving it this week, and that isn't out of character for her. AJ has come around to her line of thinking but still isn't on her side. When can you give presents for the Debate At 8?

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AJ & McCall: Replacement Swear Words Debate @8

Holiday time means family around, especially for McCall being a new aunt, and we have interns that we want to make sure don't get us fined. There are times you can't help yourself and those sentence enhancers just come out, but this is the time of the year to avoid that. Plus we want to share some laughs for the Debate At 8, so what are your replacement swear words?

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AJ & McCall: Going on the Cheap Debate @8

Now is the time of year that money really starts to roll out of our pockets with Thanksgiving feasts and Christmas present shopping, and Utah takes the second least amount of time to become a millionaire! To make that happen we're gonna have to find ways to save money so what are you comfortable going on the cheap for in the Debate At 8? AJ & McCall will go through the list of best things to buy at the Dollar Store and see if they really can find ways to save money. 

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AJ & McCall: Setting Up the Christmas Tree Debate @8

Christmas stuff is and has been up in the stores already for some reason, but that's not something we can control as much as it enrages AJ & McCall. When do you put your Christmas Tree up? It's November so we're sure at least some people are thinking now's the time but surely there's no one that has had it up already right? And who goes the longest without it up? 

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AJ & McCall: Gross Food Line Debate @8

In Italy AJ saw a guy cleaning the bus stop that picked up an opened can and pocketed it. McCall says she'd do that without hesitation and she believes in the ten second rule for solid food, but if it's wet or sauce based then it stays on the ground. At work she'll pick things up off the floor but not at home. Where is the line for foods you'd eat after you dropped them?

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AJ & McCall: Moving Halloween Debate @8

Halloween is October 31st, but should it stay there. This year it's on a Wednesday and that means school and work the next day for everyone. AJ says phooey on that and it should be made the last Saturday of October. More time to enjoy it and more fun for kids and adults. McCall says no matter what it should stay the 31st. You know when it is every year and it's the celebration of the end of spooky month before the transition into Thanksgiving. Should Halloween move or stay?

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