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AJ & McCall: Adult Christmas Debate @8

McCall got a present delivered today, her washing machine, and is just giddy with adult excitement. She swears she's not the only one that gets excited about appliances, tools and all those other grown up things but what adult presents have you asked for? This Debate At 8 gave AJ an epiphany because he has never given an adult Christmas present and it may actually explain some of his shortcomings. 

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AJ & McCall 12/21/18

Holiday time means travel time and AJ & McCall want to keep everyone safe so they've put together some driving tips, which conveniently double up as all the time tips. With so much time on their hands over the break AJ & McCall both think they should try something new, face a challenge, but what should it be? McCall got a present delivered today, a washing machine, and is having a very adult Christmas. She swears she's not the only one for the Debate At 8 that wishes for appliances, tools and other grown up things. 2018 is coming to a close and a lot has happened but what are some of the more favorable moments for AJ & McCall? 

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AJ & McCall: Home Alone Debate @8

AJ & McCall are definitely looking forward to time off for the holidays but AJ is going to have so much of it he's not sure what's he's going to do. His girlfriend will be gone at work for two weeks leaving him to fend for himself. Food, chores, responsibilities? Will anything get done? McCall, with her hunter's widow experience, has some advice but AJ has a few wrenches to throw in that with some guests he has for the holidays. How does your routine change when you're home by yourself for the Debate At 8?

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AJ & McCall 12/20/18

Yesterday was gift giving pet peeves but what about the people that say "Don't get me anything."? What does that really mean? At lunch AJ & McCall were getting their food and someone came in after them and put their jacket on a seat to mark the table, but should they be able to do that? Shouldn't the people that already bought their food have the first rights to the table? It has lead us to the phone, somewhat passive aggressive, game "I'm sorry to break it to you, but..." AJ is gonna be all alone for two weeks and has no clue what to do with himself. Food, chores, responsibilities how does he handle that while his girlfriend is gone? McCall, as a hunter's widow, has some advice for the Debate At 8 but how does your routine change when you're left alone? Millions, yes millions, of gifts have already been returned and there's already a new diet you definitely shouldn't try.

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AJ & McCall: Gift Giving Headaches Debate @8

This is supposed to be a joyous time of year that is mostly selfless, but something about Christmas can bring out the worst in people. AJ & McCall are venting for the Debate At 8 because they have run in to their own gift giving headaches, which is an every year occasion for AJ and has changed how McCall gives gifts. What headaches do you run in to and need to vent about?

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AJ & McCall 12/19/19

Even though the AJ & McCall message has been do you and be nice, there's be so many crazies that it's been hard not to get frustrated. Luckily, McCall has a tip to help us stay calm during the holidays which will be put to the test today. Our front office ladies do amazing, fun things for us ahead of the holidays and deserve a huge shout out, especially because they help us avoid things like a Secret Santa debacle. Could you imagine being a person asking for more gifts from a co-worker and then asking for something well over the limit? Oh, and it gets worse from there! Why is it that such a joyous time that is about the thought and not the things brings out the worst in people? Both AJ & McCall have their share of gift giving headaches for the Debate At 8 and wonder if they're the only ones. Congratulations again to the Aggies on winning their bowl game and today we're going to invent our own.

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