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AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Inside Jokes

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on their inside jokes. We try hard not to mention them on air, but we can't help it. In fact there's an unspoken competition among the VFX staff to be the first one to crack the joke on the others, so they're just a reflex, so AJ & McCall can't help it some times when they just firing them off. So the obvious solution is to let everyone in! Have you seen the YouTube channel the Key of Awesome, we love them. What about DNCE, Kevin the engineer, the jokes we crack on each other, including AJ saying dumb things and McCall's inability to pay attention. And why the VFX staff can't get things done in a timely manner. *hint hint the server is down*

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AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Paranormal Utah

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on paranormal happenings and stories around Cache Valley. Huge thanks to our special guest John Olsen who is the author of Stranger Bridgerland. John has collected all kinds of stories on ghosts, monsters and aliens and is currently working on a second book. He reflects on growing up in a haunted house and answers and explains different types of phenomena. Ghosts? Big Foot? Blacked Kids? All this and more are addressed.

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AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Dealing with Criticism

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on dealing with negativity and criticism. They don't at all consider themselves very much in the public eye, but meet and interact with a lot of people every day. A common question they run in to is how do you deal with negativity? AJ & McCall use specific examples they've run in to and give advice on dealing with criticism and just negative comments.

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AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Wish We Knew Credit

With AJ & McCall going around to all these high schools they've really been thinking about things they wish they knew when they were younger. How to handle finances and credit has always been a big one. McCall reflects on her time as a banker to talk about some of the common pitfalls for kids while AJ talks about how he handles his credit cards and student loans responsibly.

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