In a throwback shot she shared on Thursday, Selma Blair opened up about the terror and confusion she felt when she first experienced symptoms from multiple sclerosis. (The disease attacks the nervous symptom, and it’s progress is unpredictable; Blair revealed her diagnosis in October).

Blair explained that she was out with a friend in Miami, when she noticed she was tired, and her leg was asleep. "My flare was already hitting. I didn’t know what was happening," Blair wrote. Although she calls that trip a "gift," she said she will always associate it with MS.

She wrote: "All we have is right now. This. Is the past. But I remember knowing to just feel the warmth in the breeze. The gift of this trip. Under the table my leg was dead. I couldn’t stay awake and my right hand couldn’t find my mouth. But I was happy. My son is asleep next to me. I hear his breathing. That of a tender soul, a young boy who will wake full of energy. I am going to curl up next to him. Cause that is what this wonderful life can bring. The now. The now I love. So... goodnight."

Hundreds of people commented. One wrote: "This is me, thank you for being a voice for our suffering."

"Thank you for sharing your story and journey with so many and with such honesty," another said.