Harvey Weinstein's criminal rape trial continued on Tuesday, with the roommate of one of his accusers testifying in support of her account. Elizabeth Entin roomed with Miriam Haley at the time he allegedly raped her in 2006.

According to Entin, Haley recounted the attack at his Tribeca apartment: "She came in and he started rubbing her shoulders and kissing her and she said, ‘No, no.' She said ‘I'm on my period' and he said ‘I don't care,' at which point he threw her down and he wouldn't stop… He pulled down her underwear and pulled down her tampon and went down on her when she was saying, ‘No.'"

On Monday, Haley provided graphic testimony that described the alleged attack.

Entin said: "I said, ‘Miriam, that sounds like rape' and told her to call a lawyer." She said Haley seemed distraught and was shaking, and didn't seem able to discuss the incident. She "was not really present," Entin said, explaining that she didn't "feel it was right" to keep pushing her roommate to pursue rape charges. "I didn't feel it was my place or was right. I didn't feel I could take over how someone feels with rape," Entin said, adding that Haley was "much more withdrawn" after the alleged 2006 rape.

Weinstein is being tried on five counts of predatory sexual assault, rape and criminal sex acts. His trial began on January 6th in the State Supreme Court in Manhattan. He faces four charges in L.A. for rape and assault. He denies wrongdoing and faces life in prison if convicted.


Meanwhile, despite Weinstein's assertions that he entered a 12-step program, the hotel that he stayed at in New Jersey prior to his trial is slapping him with a fee for a damaged hotel room, according to a report. A source at the Molly Pitcher Inn tells The Hollywood Reporter that the 67-year-old checked in with the 30-year-old actress Alexandra Vino (who has denied a romantic relationship with him), then stunk up the room with marijuana. The pair also ordered "several ice creams" from room service and had to pay an extra fee to pay for damage they did to the room.

A spokesman for Weinstein says, "The concierge assistant that set up his itinerary, to date, has not received any notifications, or billing, for any extra charges indicating the room Mr. Weinstein stayed in was damaged. And under no circumstances was Mr. Weinstein smoking marijuana. Relapsing, he did however smoke a couple of cigarettes and once notified that he was not staying in a smoking room, he stopped smoking immediately."

The rep confirmed that he did have dinner "and two ice cream sundaes, alone at the bar and ordered room service for himself. The next day, Miss Vino brought a male friend by the Inn to meet Mr. Weinstein. There is nothing romantic about their platonic relationship. If there are any damages due to his smoking habit, he will pay all costs."