The day after Bohemian Rhapsody got nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, more allegations emerged against director Bryan Singer. Some of the accusers claim he molested them, while others say he raped them. Victims claim they were left psychologically damaged, and with substance abuse problems.


In an expose published in The Atlantic, several men who have accused Singer of sexual abuse provided detailed accounts of their alleged encounters.

Victor Valdovinos claims Singer abused him on the set of Apt Pupil when he was 13. After telling him to strip and wear a towel, Singer reached through it, "grabbed his genitals and started masturbating it" and "rubbed his front part" on him.

Another anonymous accuser (dubbed Andy), says he had sex with Singer when he was 15 and Singer was in his 30s. He claims the star of Apt Pupil, Brad Renfro, 15 at the time, was also there. Renfro died in 2008 of a drug overdose at age 25.

Another accuser called Ben in the piece described Singer as "predatory" and says he would "ply people with alcohol and drugs and then have sex with them."


Singer has denied the allegations. After the article’s publication, he issued a statement through his lawyer, Andrew Brettler.

The statement reads: "The last time I posted about this subject, Esquire magazine was preparing to publish an article written by a homophobic journalist who has a bizarre obsession with me dating back to 1997. After careful fact-checking and, in consideration of the lack of credible sources, Esquire chose not to publish this piece of vendetta journalism. That didn't stop this writer from selling it to The Atlantic. It's sad that The Atlantic would stoop to this low standard of journalistic integrity. Again, I am forced to reiterate that this story rehashes claims from bogus lawsuits filed by a disreputable cast of individuals willing to lie for money or attention. And it is no surprise that, with Bohemian Rhapsody being an award-winning hit, this homophobic smear piece has been conveniently timed to take advantage of its success."


Singer directed most of the film, but was fired less than three weeks before it wrapped, after reported absences on-set and several altercations with the film’s star, Rami Malek. He received credit for the film, but has not appeared at any of the season’s awards shows, though Singer did celebrate his wins on social media. Notably, Malek did not mention Singer in his speech after winning the Golden Globe for Best Actor.

Malek told the LA Times on Tuesday that he wasn’t aware of the allegations against Singer when they started filming.