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AJ & McCall 01/29/19

The South is shutting down because of a few inches of snow and the Midwest is dealing with a polar vortex. There’s extreme weather everywhere, but what’s the craziest weather you’ve been in? Fun fact, AJ collects mementos and keepsakes from EVERYWHERE; high school, jobs, vacations. What have you kept? …

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AJ & McCall 01/14/19

Bigfoot has been spotted in North Carolina…sort of. We all know that’s bogus, not because Bigfoot isn’t real, but because he’s only in the Northwest. McCall is a pro shopper but she actually stopped herself from buying something for once, meanwhile AJ doesn’t know how to use salt. Bachelor and …

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AJ & McCall 01/11/19

Everyone has Netflix right? But who actually has their own account? There’s new technology that may bring sharing passwords to an end. McCall has found another new show that she loves, BUT the main character is from another show and she can’t see him any other way. Fog makes everything …

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AJ & McCall 01/04/19

McCall has news, but unfortunately it’s all sad news. Another present hasn’t come in the mail for her AND she finally figured out the mystery of what’s happening to her chickens. AJ isn’t making New Year’s Resolutions but McCall came up with a compromise for him, make resolutions for the …

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