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AJ & McCall 09/25/17

Someone in Salt Lake City put candy corn on a real pizza, CANDY CORN?! McCall can tolerate candy corn but AJ thinks it's the worst candy and doesn't deserve to exist. A map was put together of each state's favorite emoji and our expert McCall judges them. What's your most used emoji? Is there an age that's 'too old' for trick or treating? And how well do you know your candy bars? Take the quiz on our Facebook page.

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AJ & McCall 09/22/17

A new app lets you see all your single friends on Facebook and match them together, would you be good at it? Single peeps, would you trust your friends to set you up? It's officially the first day of fall! Have you started decorating? What's your favorite thing about fall? And lastly, do your fur babies get costumes for Halloween?

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AJ & McCall 09/21/17

AJ & McCall make their West Motor Pigskin Picks to help you win that Black Stainless Steel Electric Range from Darrell's Appliance! Also, AJ has been battling illness and ALMOST called in sick. What does it take for you to call in sick? What is your regiment to get over sickness, and we got a call from a wellness expert. And lastly, AJ is gonna miss out on Tove Lo but still thinks his girlfriend should go, is it weird to do things by yourself?

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AJ & McCall 09/20/17

A list was put together of the artist most likely to give you a computer virus for when you search for them and number one...Avril Lavigne! Who would have guessed? AJ & McCall started their Personality Quiz with how do you deal with notifications, do you like crunchy or creamy peanut butter, and what's your favorite candy bar? Are you #TeamAJ or #TeamMcCall?

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AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Wish We Knew Credit

With AJ & McCall going around to all these high schools they've really been thinking about things they wish they knew when they were younger. How to handle finances and credit has always been a big one. McCall reflects on her time as a banker to talk about some of the common pitfalls for kids while AJ talks about how he handles his credit cards and student loans responsibly.

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AJ & McCall 09/15/17

AJ & McCall broadcast live from Bear River High School, McCall's old stomping grounds and talk to Miss Bear River Valley Baylee Haws. Also, how much do you pay attention to your eye brows since it's Feminine Friday, should you add coworkers on social media, a choice of doors that give you a super power, immortality or one other great ability, and ladies get to decide what ways McCall should torture AJ for later Feminine Fridays.

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