AJ & McCall Show 12/13/19

Friday the 13th doesn’t have the same creepiness factor in December right? AJ isn’t worried about Friday the 13th, or McCall’s 666 story, but National Ice Cream Day is stupid in December. AJ & McCall got an anonymous, slightly serial killer-esque, letter telling them how much they suck, so how do they respond? Everyone has their own ways to pick themselves up but McCall’s way of dealing with a grandma’s death seemed a little unusual. How do you deal for the Debate At 8? Anyone else get paranoid when headlights are behind you for awhile? More AJ & McCall advice was needed to deal with a listener’s family member who doesn’t respect anyone else’s time. Are there really ‘purple people’? Krampus needs to be spread across more holidays because the threat of being eaten would make any kid behave better.