AJ & McCall Show 10/24/19

Snoozing is contagious and AJ has caught it. McCall doesn’t have caffeine and forgot her protein shakes and is contemplating stealing. The promiscuous costumes are running a muck! Producer Butter confessed that he doesn’t need music when he works out, that’s crazy right? AJ consulted an expert on why McCall is crazy but may have to come to blows with the expert. Would you go to a haunted house that can touch you? What if you could win $20,000 for completing it for the Debate At 8? If you’re ever end up in horror movie, how are you going to go? Who wouldn’t want to live in a revamped murder house? AJ & McCall found the wrong way to deal with pests and how did McCall use Carly Rae Jepsen to get a date and then ghost that same person.