AJ & McCall Show 10/17/19

McCall is on vacation but won’t really hear from AJ, they always say ‘Love you. Be safe.’ before they travel and that’s it. Have you seen the video of the UHP hero? It’s like something from out of the movies. How is it that a guy fills a squirt gun with pee and sprays his neighbor only gets 30 days in jail? AJ’s encounter with the cops seemed much more intense. Everyone wants to be the talk of the town with their Halloween decorations, but no one is going to beat the Iowa family with blood in the basement. The older you get the more cynical you get, and maybe a little paranoid, and so AJ wants to know if the plan if fight or flee for the Debate At 8? Can AJ use the excuse ‘calling in tired’ IF it is because work he was out late? A mashed potato sandwich? What do you make of this, good or bad?