AJ & McCall Show 10/01/19

We have now arrived in AJ’s least favorite season. After AJ confessed he hasn’t seen Hocus Pocus, and a lot of other Halloween movies, McCall and Producer Butterz were very disappointed in him. To spare anyone anyone else from this embarrassment AJ & McCall are putting together a list of movies everyone should see. Who are the two of the three morning show members that are going to super glue their hands? Plenty of people didn’t like the weather from this weekend, at least we’re not in Montana. Everyone has foods they don’t like but how far would you go to avoid them? AJ’s sister-in-law has a clever strategy that may work for the Debate At 8. AJ & McCall are back arguing about the hoodie policy. Could AJ’s brain be leaking? How does McCall deal with spicy and what about Disney music has AJ upset?