AJ & McCall Show 03/06/20

AJ is flying solo with McCall taking a long weekend for her birthday. AJ figured out one of the big sign to figure out how he’s gonna be able to tell if a new coworker to make it. There’s a package AJ needs picked up from Las Vegas, where McCall happens to be, would she pick it up no questions asked? The new VFX saying is ‘Wanna dig a hole?’ after Producer Butterz asked McCall, but oh boy did it get weird with a young McCall silly belief. Censoring movies for the family, blowing up balloons, there are some weird jobs done for money in the Debate At 8. The new trend is restaurants that you cook your own food at, which is not the point of going out right? We’re not going to set our clocks, but that’s not the only thing we’re going to skip this weekend.