AJ & McCall Show 01/10/20

How much are managers going to make at Taco Bell? Are they hiring? McNopoly was a scam! But that’s just the start of the AJ & McCall monopoly debates. Vermont is trying to pass a bill based in ageism, while Oregon is making it really weird to pump gas in Oregon. You do you but that doesn’t mean AJ & McCall can’t poke fun for a ridiculous wedding location in the Debate At 8. Bad memories, bad spelling, it could be anything that makes you hate a name and pretty much everyone agrees they have at least one. Driving barefoot isn’t illegal, you don’t automatically crash because the dome light is on while driving; what else did our parents lie about? Leaving a voicemail is rude? Be prepared to think over the weekend with McCall’s riddle, and apparently the answer isn’t cats.