AJ & McCall: After Show 07/12/19

Producer Butterz was on the phone with McCall when her car hit 100,00 miles but he agrees that it’s super sad. AJ’s new thing is handing out sacks of bricks to anyone doing super dumb things, including this morning’s bonus Florida Or Not story. Producer Butterz has a lot of experience, for some reason, when it comes to friend’s being pregnant and dealing with a rough relationship; so what should Ms. X do after Mr. X said he felt trapped and is worried more kids would trap him more. Also, AJ has his first sack of bricks to hand out because of a friend’s co-worker who potentially lied about spousal abuse. Anyone that lies about things that serious needs to be seriously punished. McCall’s Musical Thoughts and bear country go hand-in-hand, but Area 51 needs to be more worried about the now almost one million people coming.