AJ & McCall 12/20/18

Yesterday was gift giving pet peeves but what about the people that say “Don’t get me anything.”? What does that really mean? At lunch AJ & McCall were getting their food and someone came in after them and put their jacket on a seat to mark the table, but should they be able to do that? Shouldn’t the people that already bought their food have the first rights to the table? It has lead us to the phone, somewhat passive aggressive, game “I’m sorry to break it to you, but…” AJ is gonna be all alone for two weeks and has no clue what to do with himself. Food, chores, responsibilities how does he handle that while his girlfriend is gone? McCall, as a hunter’s widow, has some advice for the Debate At 8 but how does your routine change when you’re left alone? Millions, yes millions, of gifts have already been returned and there’s already a new diet you definitely shouldn’t try.