AJ & McCall 12/19/19

Even though the AJ & McCall message has been do you and be nice, there’s be so many crazies that it’s been hard not to get frustrated. Luckily, McCall has a tip to help us stay calm during the holidays which will be put to the test today. Our front office ladies do amazing, fun things for us ahead of the holidays and deserve a huge shout out, especially because they help us avoid things like a Secret Santa debacle. Could you imagine being a person asking for more gifts from a co-worker and then asking for something well over the limit? Oh, and it gets worse from there! Why is it that such a joyous time that is about the thought and not the things brings out the worst in people? Both AJ & McCall have their share of gift giving headaches for the Debate At 8 and wonder if they’re the only ones. Congratulations again to the Aggies on winning their bowl game and today we’re going to invent our own.