AJ & McCall 12/18/18

The weather was very nice this morning, no frost or bad roads, but is that the ‘perfect’ Christmas? Don’t we all want snow for our perfect Christmas? Speaking of Christmas, it’s a time of joy and fun but McCall has to vent. Maybe they’re first world problems but, on the other hand, perhaps McCall found something to add to her Christmas list. AJ & McCall like potatoes and so does the world, but AJ is a bit more particular about his taters. He only wants specific ones for specific dishes and McCall says he’s weird, so for the Debate At 8 is AJ crazy for matching specific dishes to specific potatoes? Despite the fact AJ & McCall gave everyone the heads up about the holiday out date the new term ‘Scrouging’ has been invented, which means to break up with someone so you don’t have to give your significant other a gift.