AJ & McCall 12/10/18

The CDC warned us about romaine lettuce and that was an easy avoid but now it’s cookie dough. We’ve always heard that eating raw cookie dough could be dangerous but has it ever happened to anyone? McCall says that it’s a flat out myth and it isn’t gonna stop AJ from eating cookie dough. Squire Sebastian Senator as a first name, crazy right? A baby shower got cancelled after mom was upset her family made fun of the name. But that doesn’t even take the social media cake today because a post has gone viral about a Bridezilla’s dress code requirements, along with a dance routine, travel to Hawaii and a present. Now we all agree that’s too much so in your dream wedding what would be the stiffest requirement people would have to meet? But it doesn’t stop there for the Debate At 8 because this Bridezilla also wants to have a polygraph party! With that kind of coin dished out you can understand people shopping after Christmas to save, but for AJ there used to be some other ways around spending.