AJ & McCall 12/06/18

How is it that people have been around so long and we’re still just figuring out the ‘right’ way to do things? Burgers have been around since the 1880’s and yet it has come out now that we’ve been eating them wrong the whole time and they actually need to be upside down. Yesterday, AJ & McCall discovered there’s a job called a ‘social media sitter’ that manage it all for you and post for you. Initially it sounded dumb but now sounds super useful, but that won’t be the case for everyone. We’re giving you a personal assistant, what would you have them take care of? We’re well in to the holiday season and that means traveling to see friends and family, but that can be a headache and for AJ & McCall it is. How do you figure out which family you’re visiting for the Debate At 8? A study was done on how many french fries should be in a serving, only bad news can come of this, and the answer was six. That’s ridiculous so we’re going to ignore that and figure out which cut of fry is the best.