AJ & McCall 12/05/18

Yesterday McCall shared her fear and anxiety about her missing instant pot, but now it has turned to frustration because she has gotten a resolution, but definitely one that she isn’t happy about. Good news for McCall, she stumbled upon dating advice she can give. Two guys were debating whether inviting a girl over for a movie is actually inviting her over for a movie. Where is that innocent line? AJ & McCall sort out what’s legit and what’s “if you know what I mean.” Last night AJ & McCall volunteered to be hypnotized and it worked on one of them, but for the Debate At 8 you have the power. What would you have a person remember to do with a code word? Apparently it’s winter cleaning because McCall has too many apps, over 170! Can she actually give in and remove some she doesn’t need?