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AJ & McCall 12/04/18

The end of the year means lists and today’s is the highest earning YouTubers and the top one is crazy! 22 million dollars to a seven year old kid who reviews toys, seven! McCall is livid today because her package, which is a present for someone else, still hasn’t shown up and she hasn’t been able to track it. Now she thinks it may be stolen and wants to know if anyone has any experience with this. That instant pot may be gone forever but the one McCall ordered for herself should arrive soon and with WiFi capabilities and how nice would that be to have in your house. We’re upgrading our homes for the Debate At 8 so what thing in your house do you wish had WiFi on it? And AJ has a bone to pick with a few of these commercials when it comes to WiFi controls away from home. ‘For anyone shopping for my Christmas I wear a size ______.’ but the size is whatever you want; truck, ranch, vacation what do you want for Christmas?