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AJ & McCall 12/03/18

Tomorrow is the work Christmas party and the last chance for AJ & McCall it’s their last chance to make sure they leave a good impression at the work place for 2018, so they need help. McCall wants advice on what to wear and AJ wants to know if he can leave early because it’s a Tuesday. Is anyone else hitting their snooze button more often now that it’s colder? McCall has all of the alarms set and hits the snooze button constantly but is she above average when it comes to the time lost? And McCall was the first to buy a present first, but what did she get for AJ? We’ll find out for the Debate At 8 but his suspicion is it’ll be weird. What weird gifts have you given or received? The great thing about those weird gifts is you can use them for the White Elephant exchange, which we all need to be at the top our game. Best ideas?