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AJ & McCall 11/15/17

AJ & McCall don’t mean to get so negative, but their friends are dealing with rudeness. A friend of theirs got a gift card to a business that changed hands. The company said they weren’t going to honor it and so he went to Facebook to pose a question about it and if anyone else was dealing with it. In response the company sent a message ‘Legally we can’t deny it. Tell your listeners not to come. If you’re complaining about $50 your job must be pretty lucrative.’ What would you do in this situation? Have you been in a similar situation with a gift card issue? A coworker of ours placed an order in a drive thru and someone cut them off. Who does that?! What’s the craziest or weirdest thing that has happened to you in the drive thru? Yesterday’s #DebateAt8 addressed rules for the first Christmas in a relationship. Something that cmae up again and again was ‘You have to be aware of their love language.’ Do you know what your love language is? Take the quiz with us! And all week we’ve been giving away gift cards to Lucky Slice, but are they actually gifts?