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AJ & McCall 11/29/18

This weekend features single digit lows and yesterday we got snow so your heater is definitely on right? AJ believes that first heater bill when you’re out on your own is a right of passage and man did he learn the hard way. McCall has a warning and a rant when it comes to Christmas present puppies, they’re not just for the holidays. And we’re about having solutions too but parents can’t ruin their gift surprise, so AJ & McCall ask the kids what they want for Christmas. The Debate At 8 started about driving arrangements when it comes to road trips and errands but instead turned to women and trucks after a caller said McCall should never drive Dustin’s truck. AJ doesn’t agree with anything he said, minus one small point he made about the seat. 2018 isn’t over yet but we’re in the home stretch. What awesome thing did you do in 2018?