AJ & McCall 11/21/18

AJ & McCall are going to introduce you to the magical new holiday Hanksgiving. It happens the day before Thanksgiving and you binge watch Tom Hanks movies, but the tough part is picking them. What three would you watch? And on this Thanksgiving McCall’s family has a get together, a pre-Thanksgiving feast and she has nothing to bring. It has to be quick, simple and delicious so what home run recipe do you have to make her look awesome? Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and appreciative of all that we have and all that we can share it with, but that’s not today. Today is about the things that make our lives easier, and apparently to show them gratitude so they don’t break. What things are you thankful for, for the Debate At 8? Safe travels to everyone this long holiday weekend, including AJ, and McCall will help us all out with some travel tips.