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AJ & McCall 11/19/18

It’s a three Wednesday week (today is Wednesday because there’s only 3 days before the weekend) and we’re oh so close to Thanksgiving. Google has put together one of those fancy lists of most searched for recipes and Utah is being weird…salad. Still, that’s better than some states looking for dressing, including AJ’s home state, because it should be called stuffing. What do you call it? Will you be Black Friday shopping because McCall has some deals and what you can save the most on. No surprise it’s cold and McCall is always bragging about her automatic starter but even know that’s not enough for her. Let’s upgrade our cars for the Debate At 8. What’s one modification you’d make to your car? Friday it was a little fun by texting mom and today it’s ‘Ruin Thanksgiving in Four Words…’ Give us your best!