AJ & McCall 11/13/18

Yesterday was sad with the passing of Marvel creator Stan Lee. AJ & McCall were talking to their co-workers about it only to find one that didn’t know who he was and said they had never seen a Marvel movie which AJ couldn’t believe. Everyone has seen at least one Marvel movie right? the Magic 8 Ball is going in to the Toy Hall of Fame and today we’re asking it our tough questions because it knows all! We passed the point of No Return for holiday dating and now it’s smooth sailing to the holidays…until the conversations start to arise about getting married, kids, all things AJ & McCall will be asked about so they’ll get it out in the open for the Debate At 8. What’s the elephant in the room for your Thanksgiving? How would you define binge watching? McCall thinks she’s doing too much of it and wants to know what other people say binge watching is.