AJ & McCall 11/12/18

AJ & McCall had big weekends because they interacted with famous people, well on social media but it still counts! Who did you meet that was famous? Both AJ & McCall were feeling lousy this weekend and the weather was cold and all they can think about is comfort food, the food that picks them up no matter what. AJ can’t get Chinese food out of his head and McCall just wants some soup, but what’s your comfort food? Have you started holiday shopping yet? Those presents you got, when will you give them to the person? Is it a hard line around Christmas or is there some leeway for the Debate At 8? Twenty One Pilots will be in Salt Lake tomorrow night and AJ can’t wait, but isn’t excited about the late Tuesday night leading in to an early Wednesday morning. Does that make him old? What’s the worst day of the week for a concert?