AJ & McCall 11/07/18

Competition is a very big part of the AJ & McCall show and after hearing a woman named 27 cheeses in 30 seconds they figured they could do something pretty good too, BUT it’ll be a surprise category for them. What should they have to name off in just 30 seconds and who will do better? A study says Utah is the second quickest state you can become a millionaire in at just 31 years so we’ve got to make that happen. What are our get rich quick schemes, wrong answers only? And if we’re going to be millionaires we’ve got to find ways to save money, but that can be a tough habit to break. For the Debate At 8, what are you comfortable going on the cheap with? Everyone is counting down to Thanksgiving food but you don’t have to wait! There’s a more mobile version in Pringle chips. What Thanksgiving food would translate best to chip form?