AJ & McCall 10/02/18

Yesterday was October 1st which meant the meme about waking up Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day was everywhere! But is it worse than the Justin Timberlake ‘It’s Gonna be May’ meme? McCall wants to make more wreaths to decorate for Halloween, but none of the front of her house is done, so can she put it up or will it look trashy? Risk is exhilarating, but it can go too far. A cell phone without a screen protector? That’s living life on the edge! And don’t get AJ started on the lack of door locking in Utah! How do you live your life on the edge for the Debate At 8? AJ & McCall came up with their own conspiracy theories when they were both logged out of Facebook everywhere, but it turns out it was hack. Even more disappointing, our Facebook passwords just aren’t worth that much.