AJ & McCall 08/31/18

The end of week two, though not the last school, of the Back 2 School Tour is at Logan High but AJ & McCall are focusing on the beach…or is it a door? Another one of the pictures has the internet up in arms, what do you see? AJ & McCall are handing out free Spudnuts every school they go to but have had several kids turn them down because they’re ‘watching their figure.’ Did you pay attention to what you ate when you were in school because we sure didn’t. How long have AJ & McCall been working together, is it 14 months or a year and two months? McCall says it’s crazy to count by months for the Debate At 8. Murr from Impractical Jokers has a book ‘Awakened’ out and was nice enough to talk to AJ & McCall about it.