AJ & McCall 08/23/18

AJ & McCall are Pirates at West Side High School, and let’s just say they had a solid showing for the Back 2 School Spirit Competition. There’s a new trend to relax that McCall thinks is worth a shot, but AJ isn’t buying it. The drive to Dayton, Idaho is always a little creepy, and McCall has a haunted house, so what’s the scariest thing to happen to you? Commutes are getting longer for AJ & videographer Denise as they travel all over for the Back 2 School Tour and they wouldn’t do it regularly, but McCall says she loves it. What’s your longest commute and do you enjoy it for the Debate At 8. Florida Or Not features some of the top crazies, but writing a letter from a ghost mom to get your ex back is the bottom of the bottom.