AJ & McCall 08/22/18

Day 3 of Back 2 School is at Sky View! When you get a call now most of the time it’s probably a number you don’t want to talk to so when AJ gets a call from a number he recognize he starts with ‘Yeah?’ or ‘What?’ just to get to the point but McCall says that’s too rude. Yesterday was a day of irony for AJ & McCall after talking about car accidents and tipping and then both had to deal with those shenanigans. McCall doesn’t miss anything from high school and AJ thinks that’s impossible. Every school year there has to be at least something small that makes you feel a bit nostalgic for the Debate At 8. It’s year two for the tour of the high schools and McCall is handling it much better, but last year? Oh boy! AJ is going to rat her out.