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AJ & McCall 08/16/18

Normally AJ & McCall are handing out metaphorical money in the bucket fulls to spend, but today you have to earn it. ‘You couldn’t pay me enough to _____.’ What is the answer to that question? McCall always has weird stuff in her car, yesterday it was a goat kennel, and to prove it we’re playing ‘What’s in McCall’s car?!’ Public bathrooms aren’t a place you’re supposed to spend a lot of time, but even still McCall has a checklist of rules for which ones she’ll use and which ones she won’t. AJ thinks she’s being entirely too extra for the Debate At 8 and no one else is that picky when it comes to the public toilet. AJ & McCall will be kicking off their Back 2 School Tour on Monday with doughnuts and prizes and this year there’s a Spirit Competition. Winning school colors will be AJ’s hair color for the school year.