AJ & McCall 08/14/18

The toughest jobs have been listed, but AJ & McCall think there’s one job that should be at least a little bit higher. Can you imagine picking up stranger again and again as a car service driver and all the craziness that comes with that? AJ was able to see lots of friends and family this weekend, but did hear a few excuses and get ghosted by some. What are your go-to excuses to get out of something you want to do? McCall says she’s straightforward about everything, but that’ll put to the test for the Debate At 8. If it’s late at night and people are over and you’re ready for bed, how do you get them out? AJ can’t tell them directly for whatever reason. What do a samurai sword robbery and shoplifting Bible have in common? They’re part of Florida Or Not and we just can’t believe them!