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AJ & McCall 08/08/18

AJ & McCall will be leaving for a work conference but McCall has a bone to pick with her airline. Despite the fact that she bought a pair of tickets for her and Dustin, they aren’t sitting together. What is the worst seat in the plane so hopefully she can avoid it? Prepping for a trip means trying to be responsible financially and not spending a ton of money, but for AJ & McCall they both splurged yesterday. What is your biggest splurge? While at the store McCall saw that Halloween stuff is out already and thinks it’s ridiculous and all holidays should be kept in their respective month. AJ is on board with Halloween getting its time in the sun instead of just Christmas being out for months in advance. Is it good or just annoying to have Halloween out this early for the Debate At 8? There are some surprising foods that will keep you warm in the summer, including soup, but AJ says that’s just a cold season food. Do you have specific times you eat certain foods or do you just eat them whenever you want like McCall?