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AJ & McCall 08/03/18

Yesterday a winner said ‘Love your guts!’ in a message and AJ swears this was a typo, but McCall says it is 100% a saying. Have you heard it and do you use it? Closer and closer we get to school starting and that means closer and closer to those parent threats to get you to clean your room, go to bed and behave. What did your parents threaten to take a way from you and were they hollow threats? Neither AJ nor McCall are engaged, however, AJ may be planning a bachelor party soon and knows the bride-to-be is going to want to come. Should she be allowed to? Answer for the Debate At 8, can the groom or bride go to the other’s party? It’s a sequel punishment for iPod Idol with the loser sitting in a dunk tank for the last iPod Idol. AJ & McCall are singing Cardi B ‘I Like It’ but what is the stylistic choice?