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AJ & McCall 08/02/18

AJ & McCall both fell asleep before 8a last night and are feeling quite old because of it. What are your moments that made you feel old? What fun game do we play with people that come to Utah? How do you pronounce Tooele, Hurricane and all those? Well pronunciation is one of McCall’s bugaboos so take a quiz with us to see how you do. McCall scraped, minor one at best, a co-workers car and told them but they want to get the insurance involved. If you were the scrapee what would you do? And for the Debate At 8, have you seen hit and runs? Everyone hates Nickelback but we love playing them for Throwback Thursday and don’t understand all the hate. Even still, the groups you hate some times have that one song you like. Answer this…”I’m not a fan of _____ but love their song _____!”