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AJ & McCall 07/20/18

Bad news for breakfast, eating too much bacon can make you crazy! Lays is releasing eight new flavors and AJ & McCall are going to judge them. Will the ‘Taste of America’ flavors be any good? We don’t mean to rain on your parade, but you may actually not remember any of your childhood memories. What’s your first/oldest memory? Also, our big announcement is that you can win Panic! At the Disco tickets! So AJ made a deal with the universe that he wouldn’t shave if he got an RBI in his softball game, and he did, but now he has two more weeks with an off week thanks to Pioneer Day. Ashleigh is not a fan because it’s pokey and also because AJ can’t grow a beard, so for the Debate At 8 what’s your facial hair policy and preference? Selena Gomez ‘Back to You’ is the iPod Idol and the punishment is a very wet Weenie Wednesday, but what will the stylistic choice be?