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AJ & McCall 07/18/20

So McCall admits that her name is a bit unusual, but even still some of the spellings she has gotten are ridiculous. How would you spell Mkall incorrectly and do you have issues with your name getting misspelled? Normally when there’s a fashion faux pas it’s AJ, but not this time. No it isn’t Mikaal either! Producer Butterz thinks that Crocs aren’t that bad, AND now there are Croc Heels out now! What do you think of Crocs? We started the day with discussion of Mukal’s name, but where did it come from? AJ goes by his middle names, so where did his come from? Tell us the origin of yours and your kids’ names for the Debate At 8. It’s National Hot Dog Day and Weenie Wednesday! What is your favorite hot dog topping?