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AJ & McCall 07/16/18

So we feel sad about Halsey and G-Eazy having broken up after making the ‘Him & I’ song, but maybe this is a lesson about doing things with not your fiance or husband/wife? What are the things you shouldn’t do with a boyfriend/girlfriend? Last week it was McCall talking about sleepwalking and sleep talking, but this week’s it’s AJ’s turn. Sometime last night while getting ready for bed AJ got a cut on his finger and has no idea how. What are your theories? And have you ever suffered a mysterious sleeping injury? It’s Amazon Prime Day! And over the course of a life time the average person will spend 145 thousand on splurges. If you have that money right now, more metaphorical money to spend, what would you buy? What are your top five things you’re gonna splurge on in your life for the Debate At 8? The loser of iPod Idol is gonna eat gross foods, but is gonna be AJ or McCall?