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AJ & McCall 07/13/18

A new study says that the hot weather actually makes us dumber, but AJ & McCall say that may not be totally the case. In fact they share their stories that prove they say dumb things ALL the time. McCall got a call about her car getting scrapped three years ago, which is crazy! So today we will confess our guilt and you can do so on Sarahah too if you aren’t ready to totally to own up to it. A lot of our confessions had to do with cars and the cars aren’t stopping for the Debate At 8. In honor of the Cache Carnage Demolition Derby we’re going to talk about our wrecks. What happened in yours? iPod Idol returns and so does the gross food punishment! Khalid and Normani ‘Love Lies’ is the sung, but how will AJ & McCall have to sing it?